Vital Coach Events has been created with an intensive overview and consideration of all aspects of Events managements. We provide essential services from the conception of an idea for an event, through event branding, planning, communication, marketing, implementing, and report analyses.
We are glad to bring in our expertise on event management for the development of your company, institution, school, and/or cummunity events.
Our Services include :




Our fully equiped team has got you covered.

By air using our drones, and on land using our handheld gimbles, audio and visual recorders.

Got an idea for an event? We have got you cover by our Experts on Concept Development.

The essence of branding is unquestional. As such creating a brand and promoting it remains one of  the key services provided by Vital Coach Events. 

We remain your first choice for planning your event. With a primary focus on the safety of participants, we are certain about our suggestions of venue, route, decorations, weather forecast and other factors that contribute to the success of an event. 

Our determination to make every event a memorable one, has made us keen on getting the perfect and unique entertainment for each event.

Top class sound systems, PA systems  and musics at your event to ensure everyone is off their seats. 

We provide top level timing service for accurate readings at your sports events. 

The large demand for Bike Racks for Triathlon and Duathlon events has encourage us to include this as one of our service.

Available for Rental

Race bibs, Finish t-shirts, medals, flyers, merchandise, running, cycling and triathlon kits…

We Got U.

We plan, manage, transport and store your tangible and intangible products for your events.